Dining. Partying. Connecting. Lilinblum 30 is the space to lose time and find a balance.


Knox Group's culinary bar, opened in 2015, is an urban place for private and business events


A leading candidate in the "happiest local bar in town" category, that also functions as a mini wild club.


A local bar with a hint of chaos, where you can drink a beer, watch a football game, dance on tables or find a partner for the night or for life.

Beer Garden

The first Hebrew Beer Garden, which boasts a selection of cool Bavarian beers by Paulaner and a rich gluttonous menu in an especially cheerful drinking atmosphere.


The flagship of clubs in Israel. LED screens surround the floor-to-ceiling venue which creates a new sweeping visual world every single night. During the day the place becomes a collaborative work space suitable for self-employed/small companies


Today, when all kinds of Hip-Hop plays a significant role in everyday life, NOX Group realized that it is time for Israel to have a club entirely made up of Hip-Hop.


The summer compound of NOX group in Tel Aviv port.