About Us

Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting and fun cities in the world in terms of nightlife. The NOX group provides nightlife which is energetic and dominant in the city, owning top bars and clubs and hosting more than 80,000 party-goers every month.

NOX is the leading holdings company in Israel’s nightlife. What business people in the western world’s leading cities only now understand, NOX founders have understood for years: clubs and bars are not only the most outstanding representatives of modern entertainment culture, they are also an extremely relevant business today. They set trends, fashion and can determine the fate of brands. They are in a unique position to provide a collective memory for generations of party-goers, while employing a wide range of contemporary professionals, making a fortune and perhaps most importantly – contributing to the quality and to the enjoyment of millions of lives around the world.

NOX’s story is inspiring and deliciously romantic. A group of childhood friends got together to fulfill a common dream: to open a bar. They opened the Mendalimos, which became a sensational success overnight – which is exactly where they caught the nightlife bug.

After what turned out to be a life changing move, the seminal group continued acting decisively and intensively which has resulted in seven prominent bars and clubs and is consistently expanding its activities. NOX aims to become a significant part of the local and global party-goer community, and thus making the world a happier place. Every month the NOX group hosts guests at a variety of locations and welcomes around 80,000 party-goers. It provides a primer energetic urban experience, which is capable of detecting and determining trends.

In addition, the group has established a business satellite which complements and increases its activities: NIGHTER, a bartending school. NIGHTER relies on the vast experience the group has acquired over the years and its curriculum is tailored specifically to the practical requirements of working in the field.

The group’s five-year plan includes opening a variety of new places in Israel, completely taking over the local nightlife, hospitality and entertainment industries and in due time entering the international market – importing exciting new trends from overseas to Israel and spreading Tel Aviv’s energy and entertainment culture all over the world.

  • NOX Offices

  • 5 Yirmiyahu St. Tel Aviv 6106301

  • Telephone: 03-6043239

  • Fax: 03-6043762

  • Bookkeeping office@nox-group.com

  • Financial officer: Gal Koren

  • Office manager and event info office@nox-group.com

  • Office Manager: Sivan Turgeman