The club is located on the ground floor of the London Ministore complex. No evening at DREAM is like another. The venue, designed by the best architects and professionals, is equipped with cutting-edge sound, lighting and a DJ stand that moves through the air in this vast space. LED screens surround the venue from the floor to the ceiling and project different images every night that launch hundreds of partygoers to a different dimension.
The venue, the staff and the groundbreaking technological infrastructure are specialized and skilled at managing and hosting major events and suiting the needs and dreams of each event, be it a business event, bar mitzvah/ bat mitzvah or weddings which are organized and held together with the synagogue "Hall Meir" located at 5 minutes walking distance from the club.
During the day, the site collaborates with the MOOD platform. Through this platform we create a pleasant and innovative work space that meets the needs of our clients, independent / small companies at an attractive price.
  • Open: Sunday- Saturday
  • Email: media@nox-group.com
  • Telephone for reservations: 05042224444
  • DREAM telephone: 072-3943199