Where does infinity go to enjoy some good quality escapism?
Welcome to Emesh.
Have you been here before? There is no certainty. The moment your body enters the magnificent sphere of timelessness, You'll feel it in your bones. Every time is the right time to come here. Just like a well-constructed dish, Our arena is beautifully balanced with a mysterious bar, fine cuisine, and a relaxing patio to chill in. Join us for a casual, calm and free hang, where you'll enter an endless loop of diverse emotions, that will lead you to this conclusion - In Emesh, your time is well spent.

Emesh is Nox group's newborn baby, who owns numerous iconic nightlife venues like the Mendalimus, The Beer Garden & The Rubi. The group was founded by childhood friends with a shared dream - opening a bar. Over a decade later they serve up to 100,000 Party animals around the glorious city of Tel Aviv. They decided to team up with Chef Ortal Rosenberg and created the amazing space at Lilinblum 30.
Emesh is the group's 10th venue, and when you are dealing with such a perfect number, the result is gorgeous, limitless and flawless.
Emesh - Time is Timeless.
  • Open: Sunday - Saturday from 19:30
  • Email: media@nox-group.com
  • For reservation- please contact us on facebook